7 Figure Franchise – Will You Make Money with This?!

This 7 Figure Franchise Opportunity by Internet Marketer Michael Cheney is a must read if you are looking to invest in it.

If you haven’t been able to visit the sales page of the product, you don’t have to worry because I will review it here to let you know what it’s all about. You can also visit the sales page by clicking here:

Sales Page

Important: Make sure to click on the above link and provide your most favorite email address. Even if you aren’t sure if this franchise is for you, just click, so you see what you are likely to promote after reading the review. Believe you me it’s well worth your time to take a small action. Ok, let’s go straight into the review of Michael Cheney’s 7-Figure Franchise Opportunity.

Disclaimer: I’ve worked with internet marketing guru Michael Cheney over many years where I promoted a good number of his bestselling digital products. This gives me a unique authority to give an unbiased review of the internet marketer, his products as well as the 7-figure franchise business opportunity.

I have also personally sold lots of his digital products as an affiliate over the years, and from experience, I can tell you without batting an eyelid that his products convert, and are of extremely high quality. If you take a moment to search JVZoo for the best selling products of all time, you will see that Michael Cheney’s name appears behind several products that he’s created over the years.

Challenge: If you have a few minutes to spare, go to JVZoo and run through the first three pages and you’ll confirm what I’m talking about.

Michael Cheney is an incredible internet marketer who rakes in millions of dollars on the web plain and simple.

Why I Invested in the 7-Figure Franchise by Michael Cheney and Why It’s in Your Best Interest to do so too

Ask anyone who’s been in the world of internet marketing, and they will tell you Michael Cheney is really a household name there. If you’ve been into internet marketing for any period, you most likely have seen a couple of his products that have been launched on JVZoo Product of the Day, top seller of the month or product of the week sections. You can’t deny that the man is a genius at selling.

As an affiliate marketer, this is a great piece of news for you. Michael’s products essentially sell themselves. And in 7-Figure Franchise, you earn 100% commissions on every single sale you generate promoting the product which includes downsells, recurring products, upsells, and the actual product that I am going to talk about in this review (the 7 figure franchise business opportunity)
When a potential client enters the funnel, you don’t have to do anything because Michael and his team do their magic.
Assume you are a 7 figure franchisee and send a lead into the funnel. When you do so, the leads get hardcoded to referring affiliate. The meaning of this is that as an affiliate, you get to rake in 100% commission on each successful sale that you generate. This includes upsells, downsells and decent commissions on sales of $1000 straight into your Paypal account.


The emails are sent out daily to promote each product by Michael Cheney through a period of 60 days.
The only thing you will be doing is sending in the traffic. When a lead you directly into a funnel purchases any of the products by Michael Cheney, you get to earn an instant 100% commission which is sent to your PayPal account immediately.

There is no product creation, and you also won’t have to search for one affiliate offer after the other to promote. Michael Cheney is simply handing his entire business model to you on a silver plate, and your only role is to promote it. Making money online has never been easier.

7Figure Franchise

Brief Reason Why I Decided to Invest In The 7 Figure Franchise Business Opportunity by Michael Cheney

My main reason for investing in this franchise opportunity is because of the instant commission offer which you are given restricted access to promote. You also get 100% commissions on all products by Michael Cheney.

This saves me a lot of time that would have gone into creating my own products because we are basically in one niche.
Another bonus is that you get to own every product created by Michael Cheney in the past.

And if you are a complete newbie in internet marketing, you don’t have to worry because there is an avalanche of training material you will learn a lot from. Another captivating thing about the 7 Figure Franchise business opportunity is that you get unfettered access to Michael Cheney for 30 days.

Got a burning question that you would want none other than Michael Cheney answering? This is the time to shoot it! Just send him a message, and he’ll reply instantly. How does it feel to have an internet marketing guru of Michael Cheney’s stature just a message away?

High Ticket Sales

Another incredibly good reason why I chose to invest in this franchise opportunity by Michael Cheney is the outrageously high ticket. You see, apart from the fact that you get 100% commission on every product created by Michael Cheney in the past, you also get 100% commission on every product he creates in 2017.

This is an absolute turnkey business from a multi-billion dollar-raking internet marketer.

Your Only Role

The only thing you have to do is to send traffic and make money when a customer you’ve sent makes a purchase on any bestselling product by Michael Cheney.

For 7 figure franchisee licensees, they get instant commissions straight to their PayPal accounts, and this is a massive bonus in itself.

The High Ticket Proposal is huge, and you have a chance to pocket 1,000 dollar commissions straight into your PayPal account. But before you can do that, you must buy a license that then qualifies you to be a franchisee of 7 Figure Franchise.

Fact: I’ve been an affiliate marketer for more than ten years and if there is one thing I can tell you it is that high ticket sales are the single biggest way to make truckloads of cash online.

Just do a simple arithmetic: how many $1000 high ticket sales would you require in a month to make a tidy income? My guess is as good as yours: not that many.

7 Figure Franchise

But if you were making $17-affiliate products, how many of these would you need to make a respectable income every month? The answer is a lot.

As you can see, the high ticket wins the battle hands down.

Newsflash: It is as easy to sell high ticket offers as it is low ticket products. The only thing you have to do is to get it to the right people.

Because there are limited licensees, it means you don’t face a lot of competition. For you to be in a position to earn 100% commission on all the products created by Michael Cheney, you must buy a license which qualifies you to be a franchisee. The fact that you pay to be a licensee is advantageous because it locks out many other people who would have given you stiff competition.

Don’t be Lazy

Affiliate marketing may be one of the simplest ways to make money online. However, it doesn’t mean that money will just generate itself for you. There is a lot of effort that is required from you. As a 7 Figure Franchisee, you must put in work. Money doesn’t fall from trees.

The good news is that this business opportunity makes it 100 times easier for you to succeed.

It doesn’t mean that you have to work your ass off earning money online. All you need is to set a few hours a day aside to concentrate on sending traffic to the funnel. You will reap huge rewards after that.

Michael Cheney teaches you how to send traffic in the member’s area. But this is only possible once you are a member. He makes everything extremely simple.

Make a Smart Decision and Start by Becoming 7-Figure Franchisee. Click Here
P.S. If you do decide to join the 7 Figure Franchisee and you have burning questions, just send me an email at at support@homeincomeformula.com, and I will not hesitate to tackle any question as best as I can.

Once you become a franchise member, you will get to learn Michael Cheney’s inner traffic secrets and he will also show you the fastest way to get your first 1000 visitors. He does this for free, so you don’t need to worry about strategies for generating traffic even if you are just joining the industry for the first time.

Update: The 7-Figure Franchise Training Videos

I scoured all the training videos of Michael Cheney that he charged thousands of bucks to teach people of the methods he uses to make a few million dollars every year through his internet marketing venture.

Cheney teaches his students right from scratch on what he does daily in a manner that is highly detailed.
These aren’t screencast video!

In the videos, Michael Cheney is actually seen teaching students in classroom environment complete with lessons, chalkboard and everything else that defines a classroom.

This is vintage Michael Cheney at his buccaneering best!

The video is a recorded event and pictures are of super high quality and extremely clear.

Once you become a 7 Figure Franchise member, you get unrestricted access to training videos. The videos are completely awesome. You will learn lots of techniques that you will apply to your internet marketing business to succeed big time.

As a result, your business will generate even more revenue thanks to the insider secrets from Michael Cheney.
The massive benefits I got from the program are worth the tiny investment I made to become a 7 figure franchisee.
Where is the proof of the money?

This is one of the many commissions I have earned from the 7 Figure Franchise. The screenshot was captured from my JVZoo account.

7 Figure Franchise

My Verdict: The 7 Figure Franchise gets my 5 stars!!

If you follow all the instructions and recognize that money won’t fall off from trees, you will realize that there is no better business opportunity for a budding internet marketer than the 7 Figure Franchise.

It has everything you need to be successful in internet marketing. These are affiliate marketing training, free traffic training, unfettered access to Michael, 100% commission on all products, and $1000 high ticket affiliate commissions. It doesn’t get better than this.

These are the reasons that compelled me to join 7 Figure Franchise and become a franchisee.

It’s true you have to part with a small amount of money to get your franchisee license. However, this has one big advantage. It limits the number of people joining to become franchisees. The good thing about this is that you are left with less competition. Imagine if the membership was free and anybody could join? Would you be assured of making money here? I doubt it.

The small fee is also nothing compared to what you stand to gain by becoming a franchisee. It gives you a real opportunity of making decent sums of money online. I would recommend this to anybody wishing to join the world of affiliate marketing.

I appreciate your comments. Log in with your Facebook account and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. If you have any burning questions about this business opportunity or the training bit, just shoot it. I will be more than glad to respond to them in an instant.

Update on the 7Figure Franchise Success

I had a wonderful time listening to some really great podcasts on the TuneIn radio. The TuneIn radio is available for free on Google Play for Android devices. Download it to enjoy these insightful podcasts.

Anywhere the best podcast is the Tom Woods show where Tom interviews Michael Cheney and asks him to share with listeners how he joined affiliate marketing. He also asks Michael Cheney how he became a massive success in internet marketing. There is also the question of how he started the 7figure franchise plus many other cool stories from probably the best affiliate marketer in the whole world.

Another Michael Cheney podcast that I had an opportunity of listening to was the sales podcast. Here, Michael is interviewed on nearly the same topics as those in the Tom Woods Show.
The format is a bit different, but it’s similar in all other aspects. These podcasts are valuable and if you have some minutes to spare, do check them out.