Don’t Let Yourself Get In The Way Of Profit

I would like to tell you a personal side of my story of success today. It’s not something I feel great talking about, but I think that you could learn a lot on my mistakes.

Talking about money and profit in my blog, I guess that you imagine me as an elegant businessman, typing away at a laptop and receiving phone calls while sitting in his leather office chair.

In reality, though, I’m lounging in pajamas in my comfy living room armchair. This is the kind of life that making money online enables you to have. Incredibly cozy!

But today I wanted to tell you about the problems I’ve had on my path to this lifestyle. It’s something that I’m not proud of, but I still think that it would help you to know, so you could avoid making the same mistakes.

Even though I’ve had the luck of knowing someone who was already making a lot of money this way, I was still feeling hesitant about the whole prospect. That’s what I want to tell you about. And if by the end of this article you feel like you could use more advice, I’ll add in something extra just for you.

How My Biggest Obstacle to Money Was Me

My friend who was already running an online business was incredibly helpful, but I still had problems starting my own venture.

He was full of friendly advice and always open for any questions I had. Only later did I realize how much of a luxury it was for me to have someone like that.

So I didn’t have issues with learning things, but I did with starting everything. When I was supposed to be ready to start Day 1 of my business, I couldn’t. So I postponed it for tomorrow. And again. And again.

I didn’t have the determination needed to do it, to just start this. I couldn’t breakaway from my old life, I felt scared about doing it. I started thinking how it wasn’t so bad and how some people have it much worse and still live fulfilled lives.

But it was bad, it was very bad. And it took me almost a month to realize just how much I was fooling myself. A full week of working overtime at the lousy job I had snapped me back to reality. I didn’t even have the Sunday off.

The very next day, a Monday, I sat down and started setting up my online business. I’ve had enough of disrespect and disregard. I decided that I was going to get my life into my hands and that there will be no going back.

And today I wish I could go back in time and thank myself for doing that for both of us on that day. Ever since then, my life has been on an course, getting better by the day.

Just imagine, having a six-figure income, while working from the warmth of your home and your favorite armchair? It doesn’t get better than that! And that’s something you can have, too. I hope this story of my problems helps you see that.

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