Home Business Mindset – You Might Be an Entrepreneur If?

Home Business Mindset

Are you an entrepreneur and don’t know it?

You might be an entrepreneur if…

You’re a misfit. You couldn’t hack school and you’ve failed at every job you ever had. Others regard you with suspicion because you can’t toe the line like everyone else.

You’re always asking, “Why?” And you don’t like answers like, “Never mind why, just do it.” Or, “Because I said so.” What kid hasn’t heard that phrase? Does it still make your teeth grind?

You’re a failure. You feel like a failure because you can’t do the simplest things other people do. You’ve tried a whole lot of things and failed at most of them.

Others see you as a failure. They’re disappointed in you or frustrated with you and forever saying, “The trouble with you is…” They always tell you how to be a good little robot who follows orders and does as asked without trying to change how things are done.

Your motto is, “Don’t tell me what to do.” You’re convinced that every boss or bossy person you ever met is a knucklehead who never had an original idea and doesn’t appreciate one when it’s handed to him or her on a plate.

You hate rule books. Whatever stifling, hide-bound tradition others regard as THE way things are has almost nothing to do with the way you see life, think or want to live.

Why? Because you have the ability to prioritize ideas over data, be nomadic and learn endlessly.

An entrepreneur is someone who creates value by offering a product or service even if it takes carving out a niche in the market that may not currently exist. He or she gets a vision and sets about bringing that vision into reality.

If you read that last part and thought, that’s more like it, you may be an entrepreneur. When are you going to start your home business? Please get busy chop chop. Look around, see what’s wrong and how you can fix it. The world needs you and your vision.

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