Make Money Online, Fast and Easy – A Quick Reality Check

Make Money Online, Fast and Easy

So you want to make money online fast, give up your day job, get rich working only two hours a day. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, I think we all do, but let us get real here, there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, so it is going to take a just a little bit of work.

In your quest for the perfect online business have you suffered from “Internet shiny bright object syndrome”? I know I have, here is how it goes: It glitters therefore it must be gold, this must be the one or the next or the next!

Take this deal as an example:

I offer you a product or system reduced from $197 then $100 then $50 but now today you can get it for a mere $7 (it’s mostly $ on the web) all you need to do is pay me, click on a few things with your mouse, sit back and watch the money roll in on autopilot. Heck you can even do this on your laptop at the beach in your pyjamas and to top it all off I will even give you a 60 day money back guarantee! Sound familiar?

What actually happens is:

You receive a product or system from me that is worth just about $7 or less. Now if I market this the right way I might get 10.000 people to buy this from me (not unheard of on the web), so you get some out of date system that probably will not work, I get $70.000 richer (joy) this now helps me to disappear and start this cycle over again. Oh dear “shiny bright object syndrome” has struck again!

No, No, if you want to make money online you have to treat it as a business because that is what it is, your business, your future, your money, your time and effort.

To build a successful business online that will really make you money you need to go back to the basics, you will need:

Can it really be as simple as that? Well yes it is, lets look at setting up a new online business model:

My New Online Business.

The Action Plan.

Find your customers first, yes first! Most people get a product first then try to find the customer, this is the wrong way round. “But I already have a product” I hear you say! Don’t worry this method will still help you.

Next find the product: This has to be exactly what your customer is looking for.

So how do you do it?

Finding your customers and products could not be easier, let Google do all the work for you!

To find your customers:

Go to the Google home page, type in “Google Keyword Tool” click on the page, now enter a phrase relating to the market place you want to work in, lets put in “make money online”, you now have a list of all the searches relating to that phrase, you can see that this is huge market place with a great demand for product. Now type in a phrase for your strategy and see what results you get.

Source your product:

Go back to the Google home page, now again type in “make money online” and you will now have a list of the entire top websites related to this search! So you can now use these sites to perhaps source a discounted product, find a distributor or affiliate with them. Better still as these are the top rated sites, why not copy them in principal and adapt and modify your strategy to get your website a great ranking on Google, I call it “follow the leader”.


Website, hosting, domain name, traffic etc. This can be unlimited, its your money so don’t waste it, fix a budget and stick to it!

You can start on a shoestring budget:

If you need a website, try using a Blog these are very adaptable, Google loves them and best of all they’re free! You can now get .info domain names for less than $3, just shop around. Want free traffic (visitors) to your website, Yes back to good old Google! There you have it, a very simple method for starting a successful online business using Google to help you.

So find your customers first, source the exact product or service they are looking for, position yourself well in the market place, drive traffic to your website and I look forward to seeing you at the top!

To your success!

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