Open Your Mind And Your Life Will Change – 6 Steps to Uncover Your Home Business Wealth

6 Steps to Uncover Your Home Business Wealth

The USA Today conducted a survey, and what they found was the greatest fear many Americans, was the fear of running out of money during their retirement years. Take a look at who is working at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or many times your local fast food chains. of the most powerful emotions that you have. But how do you overcome this emotion, or any emotion for that matter? By taking ACTION. Action will destroy your procrastination. Action will allow you to take control of your life and what is rightfully yours. Action will allow you to start your own home business, or any business that you want.

Forbes Magazine’s experts predict that approximately 79 million Americans will take action and start their own home business in the next 3-5 years.

How can you lessen the fear to take the action needed? Education. By reading the information below, you will have the education; knowledge and confidence that you need to own and operate a profitable home business. You will be able to take confident ACTION.

This information is based on facts, compiled by industry experts. It will educate you on what works, what doesn’t and what you need to look for today in owning and operating a profitable home business. “Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success.”

Pablo Picasso

Action 1: Selecting a mentor/coach.

You must find a mentor that has already done what you desire to accomplish. Your mentor is someone you can trust and relate with and already has their system up and running. You will be able to learn from their “system” that they have put in place. Systems do not fail..people do. The system that you are looking for has been in place for a while, has been tested and tested again and has achieved the success that you are looking for.

Make sure that your Mentor has a vested interest in your success. This is no different than what happens in your JOB today. By JOB I mean a position that you hold that you trade time for dollars. Your manager has a vested interest in your success and is compensated for that. If you are in sales, managers’ bonuses are a direct result in what their sales consultants accomplish. I was that manager..I know..Being financially compensated by mentoring (managing) establishes a win-win relationship which is necessary to any success.

Make sure that you ask the question “Is the system that I am looking at able to be duplicated?” Are other people from varying backgrounds, varying careers and varying experiences using the exact system with success? The success, your success, is not necessarily dependent as to whether you have the exact experience in the industry that you are choosing because it is the system that you are looking at.

Mentoring, coaching, managing, whichever word you choose is a primary was of learning. Make it your choice to seek and find the best of the best to work with and learn from, and once you have found that person, demand only the best.

Action 2: Make sure that the system that you are looking for is a true system.

Ask the following questions; does the system that I am looking at have an entire team that I can count on? In addition to my mentor and their personal coaching and training, does it have the added, professional training that I am looking for in marketing, additional coaching and training in learning the products and is there technical support if I need it? Is the marketing system turnkey, does it have marketing opportunities both online and offline? Does it have customized websites and auto-responders that I can utilize if I choose to do so, or does it afford me the opportunity to be creative and make my own websites and auto-responders? The system you look at should be tested so that anyone can easily get started, duplicate it and get concrete results within a reasonable amount of time meaning within months, not years.

The following should be the deal stopper for you: Does the company rely on you to figure out your own marketing and lead generation system? If this is the case and there is not a proven, tested and reliable way of getting quality prospects in front of you and your products, take careful consideration in aligning yourself with that company. Without a solid marketing and lead generation plan, success in the long term will probably be an uphill battle every step of the way.

In “Why We Want You To Be Rich” by Donald Trump and Richard Kiyosaki, they state that most people struggle financially today because they are not good at sales or marketing. Everything is based on some sort of sales. You sell your child on doing their homework, you sell your spouse on what to do for the weekend, and you sell your parents to watch the kids. Everything is about some sort of sales and marketing. If you don’t feel you are good at sales and marketing then you must partner yourself with a good mentor and a correct marketing system so you won’t have to learn it from scratch.

Action 3: Choose the right product for you.

Make sure that the products that you choose to market are legitimate products and that they are stand alone products, meaning that they can sell themselves. If what you choose to market is not somewhat unique, and a standalone product, you will have a challenging time building the stable business and that stable source of income that you went into your own home business for. Research and find a business system and a product (they go hand in hand) that you feel is correct for you. There are actually many businesses out there that are legitimate home based businesses that you can and should do your due diligence on. When you find the business that you feel will be correct for you, talk with friends, family and acquaintances and if you can talk with them without being embarrassed, then you have found the correct business for you.

Action 4: Make sure that the company that you partner with is stable, has a long term vision and that they will be financially secure in the long run.

Is the company registered with the Attorney General, and is it doing business legally and ethically. Does the company have their business plan ready and can it be reviewed by anyone who would like to review it? This is your business, your reputation and your future. Choose wisely and then choose the best company for you.

Another point that you want to seriously consider: do you have to buy, handle, and be accountable for inventory? Is this the type of business that you are looking for? There are companies, if set up properly, where you are not responsible for, you do not have the added expense of and do not have the headaches of maintaining inventory at all.

Finally, when looking at the company that you are going to partner with make sure that there is an entire team to support you from the very top on down. Don’t just rely on your mentor, although they should be a part of your decision and will be a part of your success. If you are looking at a company with high integrity and substance, you will be able to talk with any number of people at any given time.

Action 5: Choose your Business Model wisely.

The MLM’s of yesteryear are gone. At least the ones with the potential of any significant income and long term wealth. You really must look at Top Tier Direct Marketing Business Models. Some points to consider as you are researching your business model; will you be able to go full time (if that is your goal) within months and not years? Do you have to give up your first 1-5 sales to your mentor or up-line? This is your business, choose it wisely. Choose a business system that allows you to keep your sales from sale number one. If you read “Why We Want You to Be Rich” by Donald Trump and Richard Kiyosaki (which I suggest you do) the top tier; Direct Marketing Business is the model that they would choose if they had to make their millions all over again. Even Warren Buffet, the second wealthiest man in the world has purchased several Direct Sales/Direct Marketing companies and is looking to buy more in the coming years.

Action 6: Make sure that your business model has multiple streams of income built into it. (Many do not)

What does Multiple Streams of Income mean? Multiple streams of income allows you to earn a full time income on your own marketing efforts and another full time income residual income from the efforts of your organization over a period of time. This residual income does not happen takes time and a bit of effort. But, if you are earning enough income from your own efforts, which you should be if you choose a top tier, Direct Marketing business, you will be able to stay in the game long enough to reap the rewards that you have sowed.

The old game show stating “You are the weakest link..Good-Bye” couldn’t be truer. If just one of the six steps is missing, the others don’t really matter. Make sure that when you are choosing a business that all six steps are in place.

Life is about choices and the choice is yours. Listen to your intuition..your gut feeling. If you feel good about the company you are about to partner with, then terrific! Go after the opportunity with all the passion that you have. However, if the little guy in your head is talking to you and giving you doubt and if you cannot seem to get straight answers about the products or the marketing system; look for something else that might be better suited for the goals that you have set forth for future and for yourself.

Unfortunately there are 100’s of scams out there just waiting to eat your money, but there are also a lot of good, solid and legitimate companies as well. Do your due diligence and you will find them. Be proud and be passionate about what you are doing. Help and serve others and your success, happiness and wealth will all be yours.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.”

Thomas Edison

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